Want To Deep Clean Your Mattress, Carpet & Upholstery  But It Is Too Expensive To Hire A Professional!

Ahaaa!.. Don’t Worry. Now You Can Save Hundreds Ringgit.

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How You Can Save Your Money?

Yes! You can just rent our machinery Karcher Puzzi 10/1 complementary with other equipment and do yourself. Currently, our rate is only RM100 per day. By doing deep cleaning on your own, you will be more satisfied. Just imagine, so much furniture you can clean with this superb savings. Awesome!

Do you know, deep clean by professional will incurred you a very high cost.

Here is the example if you call professional.
Car seat cleaning (5-seater) = RM160
Sofa 3+2+1 = RM240
Queen Size Mattress (1x) = RM180
Single Size Mattress (2x) = RM300
Carpet Size 6×8 ft (1x) = RM110

Total cost = RM990 !!!

However, by renting our Karcher Puzzi 10/1, you only need to pay as low as RM100 for one whole day. WOW!! Now you have a clearer picture on how much you can save your money.

Definitely Cheaper, Cost Saving and Satisfying.

Is It Easy To Do Deep Cleaning?

Oh! It is definitely easy. If young kids can do it, a stronger you sure can do this too, right?

This Karcher Puzzi 10/1 is so easy to handle. It is as simple as your daily routine of cleaning using normal vacuum. Only the difference is, this machine is powerful, handy Karcher spray extraction cleaners clean all textile surfaces and dissolve as well as remove dirt in a single pass. With powerful suction turbines for unrivalled low residual moisture.

Don’t worry, our professional crew will train and demonstrate to you on how to make use of the machine. Now, everyone can do deep cleaning!!

What Is Included?

We will provide to you all necessary equipment. You can use all the equipment straightaway as we deliver it to your doorsteps.

Free Delivery within 10km from our base (Kajang). Extra mileage will be charged at RM1.50/km.

Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Complete Set
Drill Brush
Premium Detergent (Free 2 Tablets / 8L)
Pressure Sprayer

I’m Interested. What Should I Do Now?

Congratulation, you have made the right decision. Just fill the booking form below and schedule your appointment. We will response to your request via Whatsapp immediately after you submit the form below.

Or you may Whatsapp us by clicking the Whatsapp icon above for any further enquiry.

Booking Form

Karcher Booking Form
Rental Rate = RM100 / day
1. If you choose door-to-door service, there is an additional charge for delivery and pick-up service, depending on your location. The charge is free for the first 10km from our operation centre, and the following kilometre is charged at RM1.50 per kilometre. Bear in mind that our staff will go back and forth twice to deliver and pick up the machine.
2. Our operation centre is located in Kajang. You may self-check the delivery distance from our operation centre --> Google Map
3. Time for Delivery = 10PM
4. Time for Pick Up = 8PM
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