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How We Polish IdealClean Cleaning Crew

Since operating, we’ve gather a lot of customers’ and crews’ feedback. To ensure a consistently high quality performance, we evaluate our crews on an ongoing basis based on customers’ feedback.

As we start our operation, it was very difficult for us to hire Malaysians to work as a cleaner. This is due to the stigma of negative impression that most people tag on the profession of ‘cleaner’. We know this is hard but it is important to boost morale of our cleaner. So, we worked hard in elevating the status of our cleaner. This first thing we did was rename the job of cleaners into ‘crew’ as to make it professional and show it as a dignified job. This will drive our crew to deliver a professional cleaning service.

Now it come on how we ensure they give professional service to the customer. First, we start to develop our very own training module to train our crew in providing high quality and professional cleaning service. The training syllabus included not only in training the crew on how to clean homes, but also to polish them on how to respect customer and communicate with the customers effectively.

We also have operation team in helping the crew. What goes behind the scenes at the office is to smoothen out the crew’s jobs, so that they can work with a peace of mind and also manage the expectation of the customers and crew. Sometimes the condition of the house is not what the crew expect. The house could be in a state that need of post-renovation cleaning service or in a state of very dirty that need deep cleaning service. With these types of conditions and the customer books a Basic House Cleaning, the crew can get distressed as they are not trained to clean these kinds of houses other than the Basic House Cleaning.

The crew can then call the Customer Support team at office to act as an middle party between them and the customer. The customer will be explained of the job scope that the crew is able to provide.

For IdealClean, the crew’s welfare is an important element in providing the support to make our crew’s life better because we notice some of the crew have found IdealClean to be their main source of income. At IdealClean, it’s not only to take care of our customers’ satisfaction, but also taking care of the crew is important to us too.

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