About IdealClean

A Touch Of Perfection

Established: 08 / July / 2019

Main Service: House Cleaning, Deep Upholstery Cleaning

Based: Kajang

Service Coverage: Spans Across Klang Valley

A Touch Of Perfection

IdealClean is built on the idea that everyone should get a satisfied cleaning service quickly, safely and reliably.

To that end, our goal is simple, yet audacious, to empower our professional cleaners by extensive training – and at the same time, develop a friendly and safe platform for seamless booking. That is why we make it short, “A Touch Of Perfection”.

At IdealClean, we have implemented a Full Payment In Advance policy to confirm and secure your slot for cleaning services. This measure ensures that we deal only with serious customers and enables a smooth cleaning process. Since the policy’s implementation in January 2022, we have observed a significant reduction in the cancellation rate, dropping from 40% to an impressive 1%.

We understand that the requirement for full payment upfront might raise concerns, given the prevalence of scammers in the cleaning service industry. However, we want to assure our new customers that our approach is rooted in transparency and accountability. To address any reservations you may have, here are some important facts that should convince you to proceed with your booking:

  1. Proven track record: We have served over 3000+ satisfied customers, many of whom have become regular clients.

  2. Refund and Cancellation Policy: We have a clearly defined policy to address any unforeseen circumstances, and you can read more about it here.

  3. Upholstery deep cleaning expertise: Apart from our strong foundation in house cleaning, we have expanded our services to include professional upholstery deep cleaning.

Our commitment to providing a reliable and top-notch cleaning service drives us to maintain strict payment policies. Rest assured that by proceeding with the full payment, you are securing a dedicated slot and ensuring a hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience. We look forward to serving you and making your home spotlessly clean and comfortable.

1. Business Registered SSM

We have been registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) since 08/July/2019, with the registration number 003002125-U. Our registered address is our Training Center. The registration is valid until 07/August/2028.

2. Official Website Registered With MYNIC

Our website, www.idealclean.my, is registered with MYNIC, which operates under the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM). You can find more information about our website by visiting MYNIC’s website at https://mynic.my/whois. Please enter the domain name “idealclean.my” without any prefixes such as “www” or “https://” on the MYNIC website.

3. Scam Checking Tools

For scam verification, please visit the website at https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my. Please note that we only communicate with our customers through WhatsApp. Our official phone number is <0183788035>, and we request that all payments be made via Direct Bank Transfer to the following bank account: <CIMB: 8604339738>. You can verify these details using the SEMAKMULE service.

4. Genuine Customer Review

Take a look at some of the customer reviews we’ve received below, and you can find more on our Google profile by clicking on the following link: https://maps.google.com/?cid=13766756658091695388

30 August 2023
Pekerja amat profesional, rumah sangat bersih dan saya amat berpuas hati. Sangat recommended!
Lau Lee yin
Lau Lee yin
12 August 2023
I am a contented customer with the cleaner’s service. The cleaner reached condo on time. Fairus is organized as in he knew where to start from and able to clean every corner in an order manner. The condo unit is previously dusty. It is clean as new now.
Nani Nasir
Nani Nasir
9 August 2023
Fast response, easy booking, legit. Rozi is excellent.
abu yazid abu othman
abu yazid abu othman
29 July 2023
Good cleaner .
Christine Liow
Christine Liow
19 July 2023
Very professional cleaning service from Ideal Clean. Mr Fairus arrive on time and very professional in cleaning. Definitely recommend to others.
Saufee Sanif
Saufee Sanif
18 July 2023
Highly recommended. Surprisingly cheap with the value given
3 July 2023
My 2nd time used the service with specifically cleaner name Rozi. Very good, thoroughly in cleaning . My husband & I satisfied & definitely will continue the service.

Google rating score: 4.6 of 5, based on 100+ reviews.

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