Being Ideal, That’s

The Plan

IdealClean is built on the idea that everyone should get a satisfied cleaning service quickly, safely and reliably.

To that end, our goal is simple, yet audacious, to empower our professional cleaners by extensive training – and at the same time, develop a friendly and safe platform for seamless booking. That is why we make it short, “Being ideal, that’s the plan”.

Established on 08/July/2019, IdealClean humbly began as a small company that provide basic house cleaning service with based in Kajang. With a solid foundation built in house cleaning, IdealClean’s operation now have improved to be online since 16/December/2020. Additionally, we broaden our service to include basic office cleaning as well. Up to today, we have served over 2000+ happy customer and hundreds turn into our regular customer as well.

IdealClean is proud to hire only local communities for them to generate better or extra income by providing stable jobs with reasonable wages.

We also provide training that enable the continued development of our cleaners. Since operating, we’ve gather a lot of customer’s and cleaner’s feedback. With that, we able to develop our very own training module to train our cleaner in providing high quality and professional cleaning service. The training syllabus included not only in training the cleaner on how to clean homes, but also to polish them on how to respect customer and communicate effectively with the customer. To ensure a consistently high quality performance, we evaluate our cleaners on an ongoing basis based on customer’s feedback.

IdealClean only hire trustworthy and reliable cleaners. We carefully check background of each and everyone, for your peace of mind. We are just a phone call away. Our dedicated customer support members are available daily to ensure you have a great experience – every time.

At IdealClean, it’s not only to take care of our customer’s satisfaction, but also taking care of the cleaner is important to us to.

Or, simply say that ALL our cleaners are:

With IdealClean, it is necessary for customer to make Full Payment In Advance to confirm and secure your slot. This is to ensure we only have a serious customer and to ensure cleaning process run smoothly. Since the implementation of Full Payment In Advance policy on January 2022, we found that the cancellation rate by customer drastically going down from 40% to only 1%. Read more about our Refund and Cancellation Policy at here.

With a lot of scammer out there that is related to cleaning service, we totally understand some of our new customer feel uncomfortable to proceed with the booking when we ask for full payment. Listed below is some of our fact to convince you to proceed with the booking:

1. Business Registered SSM
We are registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) since 08/July/2019 with registration number of 003002125-U. Registered address is our Training Center.

2. Official Website Registered with MYNIC
Our website is registered with MYNIC, an agency under Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM). Check out our website details here at Please key in domain name only <> in MYNIC website without any prefix www or https://

3. Scam Checking Tools
Check for scam at
We only interact with you via whatsapp. Our only one official phone number is <0183788035> and we ask you to make a Direct Bank Transfer only to this bank account <CIMB: 8604339738>. You may check these two details by SEMAKMULE.

4. Customer Review
Read our customer review on Google.

4 February 2023
Thank you so much! The cleaner did an amazing job. So happy with his work.
3 February 2023
Thank you very much. It was a very good experience. The little brother who cleaned, he was very serious and responsible. The cleaning was very clean. I give it a five-star praise. 💟
Low Phak Sheng
Low Phak Sheng
15 January 2023
The cleaner did a very satisfactory job. I shall certainly consider getting IdealClean service or recommend it, when the need arises again.
19 December 2022
Thank you so much. The cleaner did a very good job.
Hana Hanis
Hana Hanis
11 December 2022
We are satisfied indeed. Fairuz was professional and excellent with his tasks. Thank you for the service. Looking forward to engage with IdealClean again in future.
Sainapse IO
Sainapse IO
10 November 2022
Help to clean an empty office space with cement floor around 22x70sqft. The cleaner was friendly and was able to clean the floor, toilet, window, grill and door within 4 hours. Most of the effort was used to mop the cement floor (3.5 times) which is very dusty. I think can do better in cleaning corner dirt on all surfaces which often can be missed. Overall I'm still satisfied but there's still room for improvement.

Google rating score: 4.6 of 5, based on 80+ reviews.

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