What type of service you provide?

IdealClean is a company that provide professional services for House and Office Cleaning.

Where is your coverage area?

Our coverage area spans across Klang Valley and its surroundings.

Is your cleaners local or foreign?

All our cleaners are professional Malaysians who have undergone a thorough vetting process.

Can I trust your cleaners?

Yes!! To ensure a consistently high quality performance, we evaluate our cleaners on an ongoing basis, taking into account customers’ feedback.

How I can contact you?

You can reach us via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 018-3788035.

How do I file a complaint?

To file a complaint, simply WhatsApp us at 018-3788035.

How do I know that my booking is successful?

After making a booking, you will receive a confirmation via email and WhatsApp.

How long should I wait for the confirmation?

Usually, you will receive confirmation within 5 to 30 minutes.

How do I make payment?

You may initiate a Direct Bank Transfer to the following bank account with the provided details.

Bank Name: CIMB
Account No: 8604339738

You can also pay via DuitNow QR. Click the button below for the QR Code.

Can I request for a receipt?

A receipt will be provided upon request.

How do I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Please whatsapp us at 018-3788035 for appointment cancellation, reschedule or amendment. Find out more about our Refund & Cancellation Policy here.

Are there any hidden charges?

We assure you there are no hidden charges. The prices you see on our website are the actual charges.

House / Office Cleaning

What is INCLUDED AND NOT INCLUDED in your house cleaning service?

Our house cleaning service typically includes essential cleaning tasks that cover the fundamental areas of a home. Here are the general tasks commonly included in a house cleaning service:
✅ Dusting
✅ Vacuuming / Sweeping
✅ Mopping
✅ Kitchen Cleaning
✅ Bathroom Cleaning
✅ Trash Removal
✅ Making Beds
✅ Cobweb Removal
✅ General Tidying


It’s important to note that while our house cleaning covers the main areas of the home, it may not include deep cleaning tasks. For instance, tasks such as tackling stubborn, permanent, or rust stains, removing cement or paint residue, and similar activities might not be included.

Please also take note that our house cleaning service is not suitable for post-renovation cleaning. However, we may consider light renovation cleaning.

The following are not included in our house cleaning service as well:
❌ Pet Handling
❌ Outdoor Cleaning
❌ Car Porch Cleaning
❌ Moving Heavy Item
❌ Cleanup of Faeces From Any Animals
❌ Washing / Folding / Ironing Cloth
❌ Removing Or Disposing Bulky Items

What is the rate for your services?

Our rate is only RM30 / hour / cleaner. Optional additional cost of RM28 for cleaning tools and material supply (upon request)

Our minimum working hour requirement is 4 hours, whether you choose to have 1 cleaner or 2 cleaners.

Are cleaning tools and materials provided?

No, but you can request to bring the tools and materials with additional cost of RM28. Here is complete list: (Vacuum 1600W+, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, multisurface cleaner, sponge, scrubber, set of cloth, wiper and trash bag).

Strictly no ladder, mop and pail provision.

The booked time isn't sufficient for cleaning. Can I extend it?

Certainly, you can request a time extension. However, this is dependent on the availability of the cleaner, and payment must be cleared before the extension can be granted.

When is the cleaner expected to arrive?

We believe all our cleaners are very disciplined and punctual. However, due to traffic conditions and weather, they can sometimes be delayed. Your cleaning session will only commence once the cleaner arrives at your doorstep.

What will happen if I am not punctual?

Your cleaning session starts when the cleaner arrives at your doorstep. If you are not punctual, the waiting period will be wasted. The cleaner cannot extend your end session time, as this would disrupt the cleaner’s schedule for the day.

Should I pick up the cleaner?

No, the cleaner will use their own transportation, and you won’t incur any transport fees.

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