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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Blog > Refund & Cancellation Policy 1. Definition and Interpretation Booked Services Cleaning services that the Customer has requested Booking Request Reservation made by a Customer on the Website or via Whatsapp for the Booked Service which are to be carried out at the Booked Service Location according to the Scheduled Booking Time Scheduled Booking

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Drive Your Motivation To Do Cleaning

Blog > Drive Your Motivation To Do Cleaning At times, you are just not motivated to clean. Here are some suggestions on how to get that spirit so you can start cleaning your home! Turn on some music, out loud!Awesome tunes can get you moving. Bribe yourselfBribery is good. But only good when you bribe

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Your Feedback Matter To Us

Blog > Your Feedback Matter To Us IdealClean is committed to quality service! Hence, your feedback, whether positive or negative, is important to us. From there, we know our standard based on your valuable reviews. We love your suggestionIf you have suggestions, please let us know!. We believe there is always room for improvement. That

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Should I Give A Try For Male Cleaning Crew

Blog > Should I Give A Try For Male Cleaning Crew Here is the story from one of our customer experience when she receive a male cleaning crew. My first booking from IdealClean was a male crew. I was unsure at first because I was alone at home. Plus, I feel doubt that man can

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How We Polish IdealClean Cleaning Crew

Blog > How We Polish IdealClean Cleaning Crew Since operating, we’ve gather a lot of customers’ and crews’ feedback. To ensure a consistently high quality performance, we evaluate our crews on an ongoing basis based on customers’ feedback. As we start our operation, it was very difficult for us to hire Malaysians to work as

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Why Must Malaysian Cleaner?

Blog > Why Must Malaysian Cleaner? To employ foreign cleaner is not an option for IdealClean. We could had gone the easy way and engage with the foreign worker, but we more prefer to support local communities to generate better or extra income. Educated and easily trained.When compared to foreign worker, we realize Malaysian, in

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