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Should I Give A Try For Male Cleaning Crew

Here is the story from one of our customer experience when she receive a male cleaning crew.

My first booking from IdealClean was a male crew. I was unsure at first because I was alone at home. Plus, I feel doubt that man can do woman job. But the Customer Service tam assured me that he has been with IdealClean for a while and he was one of our top rated crew. I gave him a try.

I had female crews before to attend to my home. Although they were pleasant, I preferred my male crew experience over them. Male crews are not presumptuous and are better listeners than female crews. They also have the physical strength should you need them to carry small items or some furniture like coffee table or the sofa to clean underneath.

My male crew went straight to work. He didn’t talk much but hear instructions well. Over time, my male crew know my house well. He could complete cleaning the house in time with good quality work which I so much satisfied. Finally, I decided to booked him weekly. I hope my experience with a male crew has opened up the possibility for you to give them a try.

Here is our story about male crew.

During training, male crew is that they often don’t always ‘assume’ to know what to do when going to customer’s house and therefore are more detailed during cleaning. They ask a lot of questions during training and are more diligent and susceptible to special requests. They really want to be outstanding when they perform their task.

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