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Why Must Malaysian Cleaner?

To employ foreign cleaner is not an option for IdealClean. We could had gone the easy way and engage with the foreign worker, but we more prefer to support local communities to generate better or extra income.

Educated and easily trained.
When compared to foreign worker, we realize Malaysian, in general, better educated and easily trained. And they are really understand with our local culture and “adab”. They will be sensitive on how to clean and care for your home, a typical feature of the Malaysia culture of hospitality and gentleness. Usually, our customer is more comfortable to have Malaysian cleaner.

Fluent in English and Malay.
Communicating is important when delivering cleaning service. Usually, conversing with the customers is not a problem with our cleaners as mostly can converse in English well, just to ensure smooth cleaning service for each session.

Absolutely trust is important because you need to allow outsider go inside your house. All of our Malaysian cleaner go through a vetting process of interview and training with IdealClean. Not simply hire without knowing them. IdealClean keeps important information about them like their address, contact number and IC. When our cleaner arrive at your home, they will personally be registered at your home entrance with their IC. So, as a customer, you would know who actually goes to your house.

Support local communities.
We only hire local cleaner because we have strong motivation to reduce the unemployment rate in Malaysia and to provide a healthy and stable income for them to support their families and loved ones. Averagely, part-time cleaner can earn up to RM1500 monthly and full-time cleaner can earn up to RM3000 monthly. By providing flexible working hours to our crew, they can decide on their daily income as well as take care of their family matters.

It has been our pleasure that we are able to build a platform that provides incomes to many local people in Malaysia.

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